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Here a another great article about Westboro Baptist Church and their interactions with the collective known as, Anonymous. You can access this worthwhile article by clicking here. For more news about Anonymous, please click here and here.


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Please take the time to read the interesting article about the Newtown, Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings and Westboro Baptist Church. You can access the article by clicking here.

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For Those Who Are Interested, Here’s a Foo Fighters Video

Thank you, Foo Fighters!

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We would like to thank all who have commented. We appreciate your support.

However, it has come to our attention that the vast majority of your comments are written with the idea that we, God Hates God Hates, are part of Westboro Baptist Church.

We are not affiliated with Westboro Baptist Church. We do not support, nor condone their ignorance.

GHGHF Updates is on Twitter! is now on Twitter, under the username @GodHatesGHF.

Thank you.

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Have You Witnessed a WBC Protest?

We’d love to see your pictures!

Send your pictures to, and, with your permission, we’ll post them on God Hates God Hates


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